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 Email: vfdolan2@gmail.com       

What I Can Help With

  • Issues with Digestion, ie., IBS, Crohn’s

  • Anxiety, Fears, Phobias

  • Stress

  • Chronic illness related aches & discomforts

  • Back and Neck aches & discomfort

  • Migraines & Headaches

  • Depression & Moods

  • PTSD

  • Immune system boosting

  • Shingles

  • Carpel tunnel syndrome

  • Illness related chronic or recurring fatigue 

  • Pregnancy related nausea (Morning sickness)

A variety of other imbalances with health and well-being


Emotional Wellness 



Energy Health Practitioner

Restoring Energy

& Vitality

Health & Wellness



Digestive disorders

Mastering Chronic Illnesses

Personal  Life and Business 


Business, Career & Life Changes

Health and Wellness Practitioner

Do any of these sound familiar?


Have you received a diagnosis of a chronic illness, with only resolution of medication for the rest of your life?

Do you suffer chronic pain from an illness?

Have you had to give up your Job, home, social circle as a result of a chronic diagnosis?

Do you lay awake with sleepless nights, racing thoughts?

Do you sometimes wake up mid-night paralysed in fear?

Does your brain sometimes get stuck on one event, person, break-up, situation, hurt, betrayal and the more you try to move on the stronger it gets?


Do you tend to become lazy, lethargic or uninspired?

Do you desire sameness or routine?

Do you have difficulty on focusing on single minded tasks?

Do you start projects like diets, exercise routines and never follow through?

Do you fail to gain meaning out of situations or learn something new from them so you won’t make the same error again?


Can you modify your actions to produce a different outcome?

Do you experience emotional outbursts when your routine world is disrupted?

Are you unable to project into the future and make any plans?

 Areas Of Practice


Emotional Wellness


Energy Health Practitioner


Health & Wellness


In a time where social anxiety and fear is surfacing on a global scale we need immediate and lasting solutions.  Feelings/emotions are created from experiences in our past or inherited from our society through history.  These are what largely are creating our current reality.  When a client wishes to change an aspect of their lives, I coach them to identify what emotional blocks they have and how to overcome them and create a happier future




All living forms have an energy system, ie. (Meridians)acupuncture lines, (Chakras) energy centers, (Auric fields) magnetic field in, through and around our physical body.  No different to a stream to experience great vitality and flow of optimum health we must address these systems.  As an energy practitioner I am trained in Kinesiology, Coded therapies, Bio-energy, EFT, Matrix-reimprinting,Qi Gong to help my clients restore their Energy and Vitality




Our Health is our Wealth.  Health is about how we process and evolve through what we expose our body, mind and spirit to throughout our lives.  When we have the openness to continuously upgrading our knowledge, lovingly reflect on our thinking, habits and personality and engage empowering instructions/methods and application we create a better life.  I work with my clients to create just that


Personal Life & Business Coach
Yoga, Qi gong, etc
Private Retreats

To be alive in every moment so we can experience it to it's fullest is what people are looking for but do not know it yet.  We spend most of our lives running after a car, job, relationship, family some kind of material accumulation as a result of conditioning and social norms, once we have that which we thought was missing we want the next thing.  It is beautiful to achieve all of this but if we are not doing it consciously we are missing the the moment, the joy, the bliss. the experience, the ecstasy.  .I coach my clients to experience the inevitability in each moment to access the bliss within and no longer having to find it outside ot them

In order to create balance & vitality in our lives we can best attain it with awareness of passion, action, energy, motion purity, knowledge and harmony.  The practice of Yoga, Qi Qong etc can allow us to master and cultivate the foundation for these experiences to come into our awareness and seep into all areas of our lives.  When these exercises that we can learn easy and do anywhere that strenghtens our physhical, mental, emotional and spiritual health, they are a must to nurture and build our courage, joy and pleasantness from the inside out.  I encourage and promote the practice of such ways of living


Our tailored packages offer time away in the country in our home which include, conscious living sharing our home grown wholesome food, accommodation, healing therapies, meditation, local ecclesiastical tours, historical walks and many more opportunities to create new experiences and awarenesses of going within, generating, accessing and mastering joy, pleasantness by you.

Please call us to discuss and together create your personal retreat. 

We look forward to hearing from you

We are here to help you to solve your serious problems

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