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When I started out in this journey of healing I looked at symptoms when I had my illness and healing them with the same thinking that created them was like trying to put a plug in a sieve.  When I began access the information in my subconscious/inner child that was creating the symptoms, brought awareness to it and let it go that is when the true healing began.  This innate wisdom and birth right to experience happiness, joy, peace, etc., lies beneath all our fears, anxieties, doubts, mind chatter and the list goes on.  What I do works for anything and everything, the key is finding the pattern, beliefs, programs and behavours that is creating any block in us from achieving better health, better career, better relationships, better experience of life.  This ability lies in all of us, I just remove the obstacles and allow your own intelligence, the body’s own ability to adapt and create the life you desire.  Based on my work so far these are some of the labels people have presented with in my clinic.

This is an unfolding journey like all the physical world in nature


Anxiety can be crippling, paralysing and control ones life.  It can rise up from within anytime.  There is no one too strong, too successful, too powerful, too fit, too old, too young or too well to experience anxiety.  Having experienced anxiety for many years I know how it feels.  Anxiety has always existed but labeled differently throughout time and I have yet to meet anyone that has not experienced it at one time or an other,  some people disguise it and hide it and most people do not even know they have it.  There are so many behaviours humans adapt so you don't notice it, but put humans in unknown territory especially challenging or frightening circumstances for example 2019 pandemic and when they are isolated or withdrawn you will see the discomforts begin to surface and this is what anxiety is like. 

Do you ever find yourself in repetitive thinking and expecting a different outcome.  Many times we think it is an outside circumstance, person, place or event that is creating the subtle or paralysing discomfort of anxiety.  Each of our cells and an accumulation of memories, our own personal memories, the one's we inherit, the one's we learn through our community, culture, family, religion, in fact all that we have been exposed to known and unknown.  As we habitually face our day, we are living the present moment from the information based on our past memories.  When we want change we expect it out side of us but if we truly wish to change to happen to fluidly we must first acknowledge that we are running from habit and a program.  Awareness and observation is key, it's as simple as behaving like a fly on the wall or looking at yourself from a helicopter view point without interferring.

Moving Beyond Anxiety and Trauma into Experience and Adventure

When I work with clients it is to lead them to freedom from their anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, obsessions and low mood. Please don't 'settle' for coping or managing when real recovery is so simple.


Experiencing or witnessing a traumatic event/s on a short-term or long-term basis can lead to surface or deep anxiety or stress.  This can be the result of emotional abandonment, punishment, judgement, manipulation, blame, score keeping, rejection, loss of love, damnation, separation or banishment.  Many methods will approach healing of the event but it is the feeling that gets locked in energetically to the body that gets triggered every time there is a sound, taste, smell, person or any related sensation that reminds the senses of the event and hence the experience is relived without the initial event re-occurring.  The body and mind is built in such away that the parasympathetic part of our nervous system is meant to kick in are reinstate calmness, clarity and confidence when a traumatic or stressful event has ended.  Unfortunately this does not always happen and the sympathetic part of our nervous system does not get to switch down and we remain in alert and anticipation of the next attacking felt experience.

When I work with clients I help them to disentangle from the repetitive cycle of thinking feeling, feeling thinking that is reaffirming the associated symptoms, behaviours, thoughts and feelings to their trauma.  I coach clients to creating a healthier way to overcome their challenges.


Chronic Illness


Digestive Disorders

Viral and Bacterial related illnesses

Career move


The Woman

My body, having a diagnosis of chronic back pain & a digestive illness (crohn's) for over 30 years and the anxiety, stress, fears that went as part of the course, I understand and can relate to how difficult life can be for people going through a similar experience.

When you have something that is controlling your life and you feel you have no control over it, where or who do your turn to for help.

I never could articulate the anxiety that I experienced around my diagnosis for years, I just bottled it up and suffered in silence. As a result of being in a constant stressed state from a very early age my sympathetic nervous system flight,fright and freeze coping skills did not know how to switch down and allow my parasympathetic nervous system to kick in to create calm, ease, clarity and self-confidence.

I thought that the diagnosis, pain and illness that I was experiencing was a direct result of early childhood & life trauma, diet, genetics and it was something that I would have to live with, endure and fulfill a hopeless destiny of more of the same.

I studied many complimentary therapies while integrating it with conventional medicine.  For years I struggled with challenge after challenge and setbacks to improve my health and maintain a high standard of health.  After many years I reached a state where I could function without 30 tablets a day and bi-monthly infusions of drugs.

My real learning began when I reconnected with some great teachers and advocates of self-healing.  I integrated much of the advice they offered through overcoming their own chronic illnesses and was so reassured and confident in their methods as there was scientific paper after paper being written of the efficacy of these methods.  In 2017 I became a student of these practices and began to see everything from a whole new perspective.  These teachings were ones that are heart centered, taught through LOVE and when heart aligned with the mind would prove to be the missing link and a whole new paradigm of living and experiencing the joy of life everyday for me.


Now as a Health and Wellness, Personal and Life Coach, Energy, Trauma and Anxiety therapist I integrate and draw from many resources to help people regain, restore and awaken to an empowered greater state of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health.  I am trained in Kinesiology, Eft, Matrix Re-imprinting, Bio-Energy, Corrective Sound Therapy, Reiki, and IET.  I am a trained life and wellness coach, an advanced student of Dr. Joe Dispenza neuro-change methods.  I am also a health Qi Qong teacher.  

I understand the power and benefit of continuing education and knowledge but might greatest learning comes from my practice and walking along side my clients as they embark on their journey to a greater state of health and becoming a better version of themselves.

All new higher states of health and wellness are achieved through commitment, practice and mastery.  This journey can be done in a state of suffering or a state of inspiration, fun and adventure.  The choice is up to the individual and making the 1st step is always worth it because we are all worthy and deserving of a life filled with celebration.


Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

Twenty odd years ago I had carpel tunnel syndrome in my right hand and had it operated on.  Recently, I began to experience the same sensations in my left hand and I really did not want to go through the same operation again.  The pain and discomfort I was experiencing was really beginning to impact negatively when I worked.  I worked with Valerie and after the 1st treatment there was a 70% reduction in pain.  Valerie explained it can happen sometimes that quick for some others can take a little longer.  I was fascinated how exact the information she was able to access on when, why and how my body had created the blockage to get my attention to make a few changes in my life that were steps towards experiencing joy and happiness in my life.  As I fulfilled the changes that were advised and followed up with a few more sessions, it gradually came to a stage where I was not experiencing the pain and discomfort anymore.

Ann, Chef, Galway

Chronic pain in shoulder blade and neck


Hi Valerie, I hope you are well.  I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you and for
your sessions/help and guidance.  I have just been told the great news, I don’t have to have major back and neck surgery any more.  There has been a remarked improvement in my shoulder blade and neck to the point I am being discharged from hospital.  I believe things happen for a reason.  I could not quiet work out the message/lesson at that time.  I connected with you and really took on board our sessions and your words of wisdom.  I tweaked my diet, cut right down on my alcohol, only a couple here and there and I meditate daily.  I swim and do yoga every weak and now I am learning about healing through pain management.  We have begun walking several times a week but above all I have learned about self love and how to love myself and really listen to my body and what it is telling me I/it needs.  I really do thank you Valerie and wish you every success.  Angie, Suffolk, UK


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